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Methods of Wellbeing A discussion on how you're managing your state of health (herbs, vitamins, acupuncture, chiropractic etc.) NO LINKING TO COMMERCIAL SITES PLEASE. Paxilprogress does not investigate nor endorse any supplement program.

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01-29-2007 until 12-28-2020
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Welcome to paxilprogress! First you MUST respond to the "activation email" that has been sent to you. If you do not see an "activation email" check your spam folder. We sometimes end up in there. This especially applies to Yahoo email users. You cannot post until this is done and your account has been reviewed by a moderator. This is done to prevent "spammers" from registering.

To start a new “thread” (or subject) chose the forum that you want to post in. General Discussion is usually a good place to start. The Lounge is for casual posting on any subject. The other forums are self explanatory.

Once in the forum that you want, look to the upper left side of that forum and you will see a “new post” button. Click on that. A new page will open. Enter the title of your thread, and then post your story in the subject area. Once done scroll to the bottom and hit “submit new thread” button. Your thread will appear at the top of the forum that you have chosen.
This board has quick responses, so use your “refresh” option on your browser to keep updating the page to see new posts

Important: Think before you post. We will NOT remove posts upon request. We have thousands of posts a day and to honor "delete" requests would be impossible. This also applies to someone leaving the site. So do not post anything that you don't want publically displayed, despite the anonymity of a screenname

Quoting made easy

At the bottom of each post is a button that says "quote". When you click on that button a reply screen will pop up. On that screen will be the post that you wanted to quote typed between the quote commands. It will look like this:

You can remove any part of that post by deleting which words you don't want, or you can keep all of the post.
The key to successfull quoting is NOT to remove the "commands" that are contained within the brackets [ ]. Type your response outside of those brackets.

Thank you, Tryingtogetwell, for compiling the information below.

To Add a Signature to Your Posts:

This usually consists of a brief summary of your taper history if any (especially dosages and dates of drops in dosage) and any other pertinent facts about your medication history and withdrawal. Doing this helps people responding to your posts to give the most helpful and relevant feedback.

1. Click on "My Profile" near the top left of any page, in the green bar. A sidebar called "Control Panel" appears on the left of the new page that opens.

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1. Click on "My Profile" as above.

2. Click "Edit Options" in the Control Panel.

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4. Click a check mark (tick) next to "Enable Private Messaging". (You may also wish to check/tick other options desired, such as having this site automatically send you an email notifying when you receive a new PM, and/or to have a "pop-up" notify you while you're logged in and reading on the site.)

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