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andromeda 04-07-2012 08:18 PM

He went cold turkey last week
My husband went off the Paxil about a week ago. He chose to not tell me, I found out by counting his pills over the past week or so. I know he was having some pretty bad constipation and I know that he thinks the Paxil contributed to his alcohol cravings, which led him to the DUI 2 months ago. He has been on it since late July of last year so it's been less than a year. So far, he seems fine. I'm not seeing him acting any differently nor am I seeing any problems with him physically that would be obvious to me.

His court date for the DUI is coming up, though, and I wonder how that will go over. He will more than likely do jail time, have his license suspended, and have to get an ignition interlock device for about a year. Since the DUI was back in February, he really hasn't had any ramifications from the DUI yet. I am concerned that if he's off the Paxil and the crap hits the fan with the DUI that it might trigger his anxiety, anger, and depression again. I can only pray that he keeps it together as he is headed for some serious stress.

Brassmonkey 04-07-2012 09:55 PM

Re: He went cold turkey last week
Andromeda--So sorry to hear about DH getting a DUI, I've never gotten one but people come to my AA group all the time by court order for them. If it is a first offence withluck it won't be too bad.

I can guarentee (this thing doesn't have a spell checker) that the paxil could cause his alcohol cravings. That's why I am going to AA meetings. The drugs make you want to drink and take away the willpower to keep from doing it, and makes it so you don't even care to stop.

Having been on paxil for eight months and then going cold turkey could more than likely cause some problems, but they might not show upright away. Seeing that he has only been off the drug for a week reinstating shouldn't be too hard, if he is aminable, that whould have him stable for the court date. Once that is past you could try to get him on a proper taper, 'cause CT is usually bad news in the long run.

Wishing you the best,keep us posted.

andromeda 04-08-2012 01:39 PM

Re: He went cold turkey last week
Well, he is being charged with a SUPER EXTREME DUI in AZ, with a BAC over .22. We already know that if he's convicted it still will be quite a ride because AZ is the toughest state for DUI's even if it's a first offense.

If he goes back on Paxil, it will be his own decision. The minute I open my mouth about anything he does the opposite. That's what he did with the drinking. He kept throwing himself further into bad habits and binge drinking as soon as I protested or pointed out the road I saw him traveling and how it was detrimental to him.

Brassmonkey 04-08-2012 06:34 PM

Re: He went cold turkey last week
Thats a big problem with this stuff, people have to decide to do it themselves, no one can make them do anything. Hope it turns out well.

andromeda 04-09-2012 10:40 AM

Re: He went cold turkey last week
I know! He also quit taking his trazadone, as well. He was given 20 mg of Paxil and then he's taking trazadone at night to help him fall asleep. The past few days he's been taking day time naps but that's all I've seen in terms of his behavior or attitude changing. I, at one point, thought that the paxil was making him crazy. Up at weird hours of the night, drinking and hiding it, any excuse to go out drinking with guys he never used to hang out with(all nice men but he just never spent time with them before), etc. He would come home in the afternoon after going to the club for some tennis and he'd reek of beer or alcohol. He was drinking AND driving with our son in the car. It was like he lost his senses.

Anyway, since the DUI things have settled down. He is not drinking, he goes to bed at normal hours, etc. I am still working through some trust issues so I'm really hoping that quitting the paxil does not trigger any more issues for him.

Tara71 07-04-2012 11:07 AM

Re: He went cold turkey last week
I'm also on Trazadone for sleep, and I go through withdrawals when I try to get off of it. At first it's just insomnia, but then I get restless legs at night, later I get anxiety pain in my chest that lasts for days. I always end up back on the stuff. Good luck to both of you!!!

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