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Re: Paxil and Pregnancy-Official warnings!

Went back and looked at that--that was a year and a half ago which was a lifetime ago as far as information about w/d is concerned. Of course, a six week taper vs. cold turkey would be preferable, but you have to realize that this was someone who was already pregnant and was going cold turkey.

Pokie, you have had a very difficult time getting off of SSRIs. I would prefer, in your case, that you taper slowly and, perhaps when you get to a place where you are stable at a lower dose, consider then trying to begin the conception process. I know that age is a factor here and waiting two or three years would be extremely detrimental to you as far as conceiving successfully.

You are going to have to look at possibly having a pregnancy where you are, at least, likely to be on a low dose of an SSRI for some part of it. As I've said, while the risks are real, they are rare. You could continue to slowly taper as you try to conceive and throughout your pregnancy. Speaking from someone a few years younger than you, believe me, just because you decide to not prevent pregnancy, doesn't mean that you will get pregnant quickly or easily. My doctor said that, on average, it takes six months of trying before a woman becomes pregnant. If you factor that in, I don't think that it is unreasonable, if you feel mentally and physically capable otherwise of being the mother of a newborn, to wait overly long to try to become pregnant.
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