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Re: Paxil and Pregnancy-Official warnings!

Originally Posted by Songbird View Post
Kim, I'm a bit confused by what you mean here - it's not unreasonable to wait? Do you mean wait or do you mean don't wait?
Songbird, this is a VERY specific answer to a VERY specific member. It is not the advice I would give to just anyone. Pokie and I have discussed this via PM and I know her history and her issues. In HER case, it may be now or never with a baby. The one thing that is universal is that people have to balance all of the benefits and risks when it comes to pregnancy and SSRIs. In her case, the risk of not getting pregnant sooner than she could safely and sanely quit her SSRI could mean no baby for her. That's a big risk.

As I alluded to earlier, it is very likely that by the time she were to become pregnant, if she continues to taper, she would be much lower in dosage or off completely.
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