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Re: Paxil and Pregnancy-Official warnings!

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Hello.... I am new at this so please bear with me.
I am looking for any information that paxil DOES cause developemental delays in children. Since my son was born 5 1/2 weeks early in 1998, my gut feeling told me that Paxil was behind it. I was told that I could not nurse him in the NICU while I was on Paxil, so I quit it cold turkey. We know of no physical birth defects with him, but he has been quite a challenge growing up, fits of rage, speech delay, delay in social skills, amongst others. He was finally diagnosed last year with anxiety disorder, ADHD and Oppositional Disorder, along with possibility of Central Auditory Processing Delay after years of being blamed as bad parents. He is very sensitive to sounds (snowflakes on a nylon jacket were too loud when he was a baby), can not handle routine change and has very limited self control. I am looking for ANY info that can help me fight for help for him. We seem to be getting no where. He is very smart, just has MANY behaviorial problems so he has been labelled a problem child in school. I was told there was a class action lawsuit filed but can not find any info on it. I want to save another family from what my son and our family has been going through. Thanks for any info.
Wow. There is so much of that which describes our son. I came here looking to see if anyone had any advise from past experience. He's four and going through many of the same problems. Only they're saying he's Autistic-like but not Autistic. He has to have routines and has HIGH anxiety. He acts like his wiring is shorted. He wants to talk but has a hard time with getting the words to his mouth. He doesn't let us know when things bother him (even pain). And we're always getting reports back from preschool saying that he didn't want to participate and he whined all day. My son doesn't seem to have too many behavioral problems, but he's still thought to be a toddler, so some might be excused. And my son is extremely smart, but he hides it so that people won't think he's different.
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