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Re: Newbies to paxil tapering, Will you please read this?

Originally Posted by Melly View Post
i am going to have to get off them eventually and just wanna get it over and done there any medication to take to help counteract the withdrawls so i can do it and not be so bedridden???
See this previous post by Scotty:

Those who are fretting that they will never get off paxil...LOOK AT YOUR WEANING SCHEDULE(and yes, I'm yelling). If you've only attempted large, rapid drops in dose, or cold turkey, then yes, you will never get off paxil.

If you slow wean by what is recommended by thousands who are here, you will succeed. You can't claim failure if you've only attempted one way of getting off these drugs. That is a failure in learning what works, not in yourself.

Wean 10% of your dose every 3-6 weeks. It truly is what works, despite what your doctor is telling you.
By 10%, we mean, 10% of the dose you are on at the time, not your starting dose, so your drops get smaller and smaller as you go along. I would say no more than 10% drops, some people do even smaller. Wait at least 3 weeks after each drop until stable.

Before you start to wean again, you'd be best to wait until you have stabilised from your recent dose changes. There isn't a med to counteract w/d except the one you're in w/d from and you have just updosed, so you've done the right thing there to stop the severe w/d. It may take a few weeks to feel the improvement from the updose, so just stay with the same daily dose.

With the slow tapering method, you may still get some w/d symptoms but they will be a lot milder, you should definitely not be bedridden. It may take a little longer to get off that way, but because it is easier on your body, overall recovery time is quicker.
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