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Re: Newbies to paxil tapering, Will you please read this?

I don't think you can get it ready-made, but a compounding pharmacy should be able to make it up for you. See this old thread:
Jul 01-Feb 02 Aropax
Feb-Dec 03 Citalopram
Jul 04 Aropax
Jan 07-Feb 08 20mg > 5mg Apr 4.5mg 5mg Jun 10mg Jul 20mg Oct Loxamine Dec 17.5mg 15mg
Jan 12.5mg > Dec 6.3mg
2010 Aug 6.15mg Nov 6 mg
2011 Feb 5.9mg Apr 5.8mg May 5.7mg Jun 5.6mg Sep 5.5mg Nov 5.4mg Dec 5.3mg
2012 19 Feb 5.2mg 14 Oct 5.1mg 6 Dec 5mg
2013 25 Jan 4.9mg 4 Jul 4.8mg 29 Aug 4.7mg 8 Oct 4.6mg 24 Nov 4.5mg 15 Dec 4.4mg
2014 18 Jan 4.3mg 31 Mar 4.2mg 12 May 4.1mg 7 Jun 4.0mg 26 Jul 3.9mg 5 Sep 3.8mg
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