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Re: given in and doing a journal

another great quote to suzanne about being free from paxil.

this will be me in 12 months time:

Originally Posted by obliviousjo View Post
Your Free, your free, your free!!! Sorry ur feeling icky...This too shall pass I read somewhere today that the wd junk usually lasts around 2- 7 least the hairiest parts...that gave me SOME relief...yes, I know there is NO real way to know and we're all different sure is nice to think that SOME of us may luck out and get over alot of this crap within 2 months...
You weaned the right way, now just...go with it...anything HAS to be better than being a lifer on these meds right? I'm right here with you and I am coming off effexor...evil and I couldn't wean properly bc of being allergic to it so...ur going to be better off than me, if that helps
But...Ur free...No more being a slave to a pill...That's exciting...
I hope you feel great in record time
Paxil History:
20mg - April 1997
0mg - Summer 1998
30mg - October 1999
20mg - October 2002 - July 2011
20mg to 10mg - July 2011 - March 2012 (10% taper)
CRASHED when i got to 5.2mg
Back on 10mg - August 2012
Staying on 10mg - for the time being.
Pleased i am on half my original dose.
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