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Re: My name is Lauren and I'm looking for my husband.

Originally Posted by Ireallydocare View Post
The plan was/is a year post pregnancy, which will be April 2012. I am really worried considering the discipline needed to wean. If she experiences anything she will stay on it. I only hope she includes me while doing so, hopefully I can explain my fears and get her to research for herself so she becomes aware of what she'll need to do....

Oh the arrogance and entitlement is definitely being experienced, she also likes to threaten me lately as a way to manipulate. The way she talks and even smells is strange too.


What my husband said helped him to finally get that what everyone was telling him was true, was reading the stories here. Have you tried to sit down with her and show her the stories that relate most to your situation? That would be a good start.

I hope everything is working out?
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