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He went cold turkey last week

My husband went off the Paxil about a week ago. He chose to not tell me, I found out by counting his pills over the past week or so. I know he was having some pretty bad constipation and I know that he thinks the Paxil contributed to his alcohol cravings, which led him to the DUI 2 months ago. He has been on it since late July of last year so it's been less than a year. So far, he seems fine. I'm not seeing him acting any differently nor am I seeing any problems with him physically that would be obvious to me.

His court date for the DUI is coming up, though, and I wonder how that will go over. He will more than likely do jail time, have his license suspended, and have to get an ignition interlock device for about a year. Since the DUI was back in February, he really hasn't had any ramifications from the DUI yet. I am concerned that if he's off the Paxil and the crap hits the fan with the DUI that it might trigger his anxiety, anger, and depression again. I can only pray that he keeps it together as he is headed for some serious stress.
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