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Re: He went cold turkey last week

Andromeda--So sorry to hear about DH getting a DUI, I've never gotten one but people come to my AA group all the time by court order for them. If it is a first offence withluck it won't be too bad.

I can guarentee (this thing doesn't have a spell checker) that the paxil could cause his alcohol cravings. That's why I am going to AA meetings. The drugs make you want to drink and take away the willpower to keep from doing it, and makes it so you don't even care to stop.

Having been on paxil for eight months and then going cold turkey could more than likely cause some problems, but they might not show upright away. Seeing that he has only been off the drug for a week reinstating shouldn't be too hard, if he is aminable, that whould have him stable for the court date. Once that is past you could try to get him on a proper taper, 'cause CT is usually bad news in the long run.

Wishing you the best,keep us posted.

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