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Re: He went cold turkey last week

I know! He also quit taking his trazadone, as well. He was given 20 mg of Paxil and then he's taking trazadone at night to help him fall asleep. The past few days he's been taking day time naps but that's all I've seen in terms of his behavior or attitude changing. I, at one point, thought that the paxil was making him crazy. Up at weird hours of the night, drinking and hiding it, any excuse to go out drinking with guys he never used to hang out with(all nice men but he just never spent time with them before), etc. He would come home in the afternoon after going to the club for some tennis and he'd reek of beer or alcohol. He was drinking AND driving with our son in the car. It was like he lost his senses.

Anyway, since the DUI things have settled down. He is not drinking, he goes to bed at normal hours, etc. I am still working through some trust issues so I'm really hoping that quitting the paxil does not trigger any more issues for him.
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