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General Discussion Open discussion about Paxil, Paxil Withdrawal, successes and progress, good stories and bad, with and without.

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Magnesium Oxide and feeling worse.

For those of you who have taken Magnesium Oxide and feel that you've felt worse: How much was the dose? What brand was it? How long after you took it did you start to feel worse? What were the symptoms of feeling worse? Did another form of Magnesium help you? I've been taking 250 mg of it and it seems like I will feel worse the next morning. I don't know if it's just my body doing some sort of weird feel good/feel bad cycle because some days I don't feel quite as bad. I know everyone has good and bad days but it just seems weird. I don't take Magnesium regularly and I'm starting to wonder if after I take it for a few days it starts making me feel crappy. Thanks!
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Re: Magnesium Oxide and feeling worse.

Magnesium oxide is not well absorbed by the body. (I haven't specficially heard of anybody having an adverse reaction to it, though am not saying it can't happen.) Magnesium citrate and glycinate are the forms that are most easily absorbed and seem to be most beneficial to most people. I take a small amount of mag citrate at bedtime every night and feel it's helped me tremendously with insomnia and muscle twitches/spasms from benzo withdrawal.
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Re: Magnesium Oxide and feeling worse.

Texgirl is right that Magnesium Citrate is the way to go. Start with the low dose. I know that Aeroman (PP member) had a bad reaction to Magnesium so it is better to start slowly. There is also an issue of the bowel problems associated with Magnesium Citrate intake. Start with 100 mg a day. If you do well try 200 mg. I think the maximum dose is 400 mg a day.

I take 200 mg before sleep. It has a calming effect.

I hope this helps.

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