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Learn about yourself

Ultimately, Paxil and Paxil withdrawal will place you in situations of spontaneous decisions, reflection and deep introspection. You may be or have already been challenged, pushed, pulled, silenced, spread too thin, stuffed inside, yelling out loud and a crying, laughing, fearing, conquering, defeating, submitting or dominating. Nuances will become rushing waves and rushing waves spinning tornadoes. Through all this, just when you thought the world was getting mean on you, you’ll notice that you’ve been learning all about yourself.

Surprise! The Paxil experience is always about you and your relationship with yourself in terms of mind, body and spirit. Not that Paxil is unique, all of life does this, but it certainly makes it plainly obvious!

You will grow. You will be better than normal. If you think being normal is about not having to experience anything and never changing, then it would be normal to not have been born at all, which is just silly. Life happens. Normalcy does not.

Here's what we're going to help you look at:
  • How could you face the Paxil / Withdrawal challenge
  • Hidden emotional agendas
  • Quick-fix ruts
  • Your relationship with yourself and/or Deity (optional)
Panic attacks started Dec/1996
Zoloft summer 1998 (quit CT after a few days - bad reaction)
10mg Paxil fall 1998 / 20mg Paxil winter 1999
10mg September 2000 / 5mg October 2000 / FREE November 2000
Intense Withdrawal symptoms well into 2001
Withdrawal symptoms freedom by 2002

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