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What is a quick-fix rut and how can I avoid one?

A quick-fix rut is when you spend your time avoiding discomfort despite the fact that avoiding it now, does nothing to prevent it, so you become trapped always having to avoid, and are never free of it.

You avoid quick-fix ruts by NOT labelling discomfort as wrong. Have you noticed that it hurts when you get cut? Why is that? Is it not to call your attention to it? What if you were medicating away your ability to feel the cut? Would it not become neglected and take longer to heal? Anxiety and depression, are cuts.

Anxiety and depression, are all pain responses to get your attention aimed towards the parts of yourself that need healing. If you want to avoid a quick-fix rut when it comes to your mental health, you have to let yourself be OK with anxiety and/or depression long enough so that you can focus on it.

Even if there is a drug that calms things down enough to help you focus on healing, taking a drug still enforces a behavior and belief that you are too afraid to do it alone. Being afraid of something (including insufficient comfort) create all desires for quick-fix solutions in the first place, and a rut can start that way. If you're aware of the process, you can avoid getting caught in the rut, but most do not and just take take take whatever feels good good good because they're afraid afraid afraid, and ignore permanent long-term healing in favor of momentary relief. Notice how the fear never gets addressed and is only temporarily distracted? Groovy baby; welcome to the rut.

Resist the urge to be automatically made comfortable due to fears you have about the discomfort(s). Have faith in yourself. You could be missing an opportunity to heal, for good.
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