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Health Challenges Anxiety, depression, OCD, headaches, weight and more.

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Old 03-27-2012, 04:35 PM   #1
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which vitamins would be beneficial

I was diagnosed Celiac back in November (2 mnths post zoloft) and since then am consulting regularly with a Naturopath and holistic Nuitritionist. They have me on this list of vitamins because of my Candida and trying to heal my gut from all the gluten:

VitC (1000mg)
B6 complex
Omega 3s
Cal/mag (80/80)

I've heard some of these may aggravate anxiety and I am now asked to take Amino Acids as this apparently has proteins that actually help create seratonin (rather than adding it to your brain) among other beneficial ways to repair your cells.

All the vitamins I take are bought from health food store and are all organic with no chemical compunds added.

Does anyone have some expertise in this area? Or what worked and didn't work for you? Any suggestions?

I know we should be getting the majority of our vitamins from food but realistically, in todays world or chemicals how much of the nutrient are we actually getting from the food, same as if we're in this much distress from the w/d shouldn't we have the added support? This is the lecture I keep getting from holistic team.
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Re: which vitamins would be beneficial

If you have celiac you probably have leaky gut to go with it. The supps recommended are a good beginning. Just make sure the ones you get are gluten free as well as organic. Probably a good idea to also make sure they don't have any dairy and any of the other stuff celiacs and leaky gut folks are not supposed to ingest. Go with what your Naturopath recommends. Start slow, build up gradually, and have some sort of break schedule from your supps. Keep a diary. See what may or may not be working for you and give it time.
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