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Old 04-09-2012, 11:29 AM   #1
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former SSRI user now reacting to beta blockers

Hello, I am going through an apparent bad w/d reaction to generic metopolol extended-release, a.k.a. generic Toprol/Lopressor. I took only 25mg. for one month, never realizing that I'd end up w/the same problems that I'd suffered on psych drugs years ago.

I am 4yrs. free of psych drugs. I had been on and off of many SSRIs in the past, benzos, and some very brief experiments where they tried "low-dose" neuroleptics, although one of those was rather high-dose. They tried generic Ritalin, clomipramine and lamotrigine(sp?) at one point, too. Also been on Topamax, Inderal and painkillers for migraines. No psych/migraine drugs since March 2008.

The psych drugs gave me every adverse reaction in the book, the worst of which was akathisia, a circle of hell that there are no words to begin describing. To this day, although it is mercifully gone, I have to be extremely careful, b/c certain substances can cause it to return out of nowhere- like the wrong brand of coffee, an aspirin, non-psych prescriptions, dental numbing stuff, or even an allergy pill. My neurological system is still not right from the psych drugs, and I'm not believed on it.

The blood-pressure pill was not supposed to cause any kind of neurological reaction, but, lo & behold, it did. It's been 6 weeks. I am seeing a neurologist who believes me and who thinks that it will repair itself again with time.

Currently going through hand-coordination problems, finally stopped having tremors; the leg spasms have also stopped; bladder-reflex problems come & go; was having what felt almost like mild seizures for a while- that's now gone; sexual side effects just like I had on the antidepressants, embarrassing GI side effects every night w/o fail, random panic attacks, broken sleep, and the weirdest nightmares ever, just as weird as my old SSRI nightmares from yrs. ago. Occasionally, I get surreal/deja vu feelings out of nowhere, too. No, I am not epileptic.

I wish that I'd never laid eyes on one single dr. or pharmacist in my entire life.

Forgot to mention: My only psych problem is OCD; that's how messed-up it was that they drugged me so heavily and inappropriately. As for the generic Toprol/Lopressor Rx, it was for a mitral-valve scare that ended up being normal. I'm basically going through this adverse reaction for absolutely no reason- never had a heart prob. in the 1st place.

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Re: former SSRI user now reacting to beta blockers

There are many blood pressure medications. I am considering switching from a beta-blocker ( bystolic) to say another type.

How are you handling the blood pressure right now?
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Re: former SSRI user now reacting to beta blockers

I noticed you said you'd taken inderal in the past - that is a beta blocker. Perhaps it's somehow related to the experience you had withdrawing from inderal?...although, i'm not sure inderal is addictive, but I have no idea.
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Old 04-09-2012, 02:12 PM   #4
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Re: former SSRI user now reacting to beta blockers

Both of the blood pressure meds you mentioned can cross the blood brain barrier, which would explain the neurological symptoms. Maybe you could try one like atenolol, which can't cross the BBB as easily. Of course, if its for migraines then it'd be useless :-/
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Old 04-09-2012, 04:08 PM   #5
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Re: former SSRI user now reacting to beta blockers

Hi, thanks for the replies. I don't actually need any further meds, though. My blood pressure is OK, and I have not had migraine problems in years. They had me on the Lopressor b/c of the mitral valve scare. When all the cardiac testing came back normal, I didn't need any more meds.

I'm just struggling to get through the w/d and to move forward now. This neurologist is good, and the only thing that I am taking is some B vitamins.
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