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General Discussion Open discussion about Paxil, Paxil Withdrawal, successes and progress, good stories and bad, with and without.

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Old 04-09-2012, 02:50 PM   #1
axis74's Avatar
Join Date: May 2011
Posts: 170
Does anyone else have hair texture changes?

do they change by the week or month and coincide with withdrawal symtpoms because my seem to. Does anyone have this too. It is the oddest thing. It can go from wavy and thick to stick straight to so thin and flyaway it almost looks like baby bird feather and then back again. So odd.
C/t'd off Prozac Dec. 2010 and counting. still in withdrawal hell.
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Old 04-09-2012, 07:00 PM   #2
jheaney1's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2012
Posts: 477
Re: Does anyone else have hair texture changes?

Some of my eyebrow and nose hairs have grown at an accelerated rate and are much coarser than they used to be. I'm not sure if I want to call it a withdrawal symptom, it just started happening around the same time I began weaning off Paxil. It just seems like such an outlandish symptom, and I don't want to blame every little thing that happens to me on withdrawal.
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Old 04-09-2012, 07:23 PM   #3
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Join Date: Jan 2012
Location: Canada
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Re: Does anyone else have hair texture changes?

I wouldn't know, I lost lots of hair during all of this madness, I got a bad haircut to help it out and now that it's growing in it just looks ridiculous. I keep it in a hair clip and try not to look too close.
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June-Dec 2010 Poop-out (crash)
3 month cross taper off Effexor onto 40mg Cipralex, switched to 20mg Celexa, switched to 20mg Paxil
Nothing helped except waiting 7 months to stabilize on Paxil then starting to taper:
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Old 04-09-2012, 07:40 PM   #4
Jmarie's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2005
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Re: Does anyone else have hair texture changes?

I definitely have had a change in my hair texture after so many years on this drug. About 5 years ago I noticed I had these strange crinkly hairs mixed in with my other hair. They looked almost like bad chemical damage so I figured it might be the fact that I've been dyeing and blow drying my hair since I was in my teens. So I stopped dyeing my hair completely and blow dry it only every so often. Well I've now grown all the dye out so my hair is completely natural but I still have many of these crinkly hairs. My hair is straight by the way. I absolutely attribute it to the Paxil because I have read of others whose hair has changed after starting an SSRI. Not to mention all the hair I have lost. My hair is about 1/3 as thick as it used to be, but I've also been anemic for a long time without knowing it so I can't blame that 100% on the Paxil, but I know it hasn't helped.
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Old 04-09-2012, 08:37 PM   #5
Join Date: Mar 2012
Posts: 180
Re: Does anyone else have hair texture changes?

Since about the time I have taken paxil, my scalp has become increasingly dry, flaky, itchy, and dandruff-ey. It's so gross and annoying. Not sure that it has anything to do with paxil though.
20 mg paxil
2005-August 23, 2012

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Old 04-09-2012, 10:04 PM   #6
tootsieroll's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2010
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Re: Does anyone else have hair texture changes?

Urggh mine is gross too. I don't have flakes but it gets really oily and itchy. I can practically fry an egg on my head. Yeah, it's that bad. I want to wash my hair every other day but I can't if I want to look somewhat clean. I've tried everything from tea tree to neem oil, nizoral to sulfate free and baby shampoo. Nothing changes. I'll just have to wait this out.
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Old 04-09-2012, 10:10 PM   #7
911Carrera's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2008
Location: Los Angeles
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Re: Does anyone else have hair texture changes?

yes my hair changed when i went into withdrawal. it used to be thick (hair strand and strand number), and also very wavy and hard to control. Now it is almost straight, and much thinner in dimension and strand count. i also have quite a bit of fully white hairs in the front parts of my scalp, which sucks because I am only 25 years old, and people notice and make comments about it which really annoy me.
On SSRI's since April 2006.
December 2007: discontinuation and WD start.
February 2008: SSRI reinstatement.
Currently taking: 26mg Celexa, 1mg Risperdal (for insomnia).
Current WD symptoms: OCD, social anxiety, agitation in legs, insomnia, weight gain, muscle fatigue, poor skin healing.
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