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Old 04-23-2012, 06:18 PM   #1
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Re: Who takes Paxil at night? How do I switch?

I was first introduced to paxil last yr at end of august 2011. for most of my life I took nothing till I had a hysterectomy and was put on desepramine a tricyclic antidepressant..it helped me a lot with social anxiety...but it doesnt stop depression when it happens. I have a history of major depression and panic disorder or generalized anxiety disorder..well, last yr I was scared to death..i lost 30lbs real quick while having an episode of diahrrea..caught it from my husband who works at a hospital. I tried pedialyte which was flavored..big mistake..I didnt know i was allergic to orange flavoring..kept me having diahrrea for 2mos..couldnt see my dr his office was filled up..it affected my seizure meds keppra and threw me for a loop. I was on xanax thinking it was my IBS...wasnt....then was taken off on the 1 day thing..ouch..then put on elavile for nocturnal panic attacks...went to sleep study and during sleep study found the panic attacks at night whoda thought..I went in for snoring..hello...I was waking with shaking etc..also I lifted some very heavy furniture up stairs and down a hall and shouldnt have and noticed I didnt feel good after..then after all that illness it was discovered that I have barretts metaplasia..precancerous condition of the esophagus from reflux..so take it serious...so then had to take prilosec in the morning and zantac 150 in the evening..I got so messed up put myself in the hospital and was put on paxil and clonazepam...klonopin of which I just got off 5 wks now off...I was only on half .5mg morning and noon and whole at night..then slowly very slowly got off...so paxil I am on 20mgs..noticed I was drugged all day but didnt give it long..and spoke to friends and went on it at night..just switched..skipped the morning dose and took it at night..had a few side affects...then noticed i couldnt sleep at night..the clonazepam was causing me to stay awake..it worked like valium on me...the opposite of what it does on most people..so its why I got off clonazepam/klonopin..still couldnt sleep..slept in the morning at about 4-6am ..not good..so this last week switched tuesday didnt take it at night and took it weds morning..didnt feel that bad..but as of yesterday 5days later started having side affects...took it with my keppra...hate taking it in the morning because really I need to take it separate...so i am going to take it an hr later..so in the morning I take at 8am keppra then at 9am take paxil..then at 11:30am take prilosec...then at night I take keppra again and then zantac 150....so Im still not sleeping and sleeping most of the day..im thinking now it might be the zantac 150 which is an h2 inhibitor...which can cause insomnia or sleep problems...so, I am going to take it in the morning and keep it that way for awhile...well, am having switching side affects...which i think comes from that as Its been 5wks off of clonazepam ..but the side affects are...night sweats, dizziness and anxiety and confusion, yawning, feeling of nervousness under the skin...ears popping, sleepiness, not energetic, twitching nerves, in legs and arms etc..forgetfulness...I was already having some of these symptoms from getting off the clonazepam...so...it could be both but...its been 5 weeks off clonazepam...my system is weak because of being so sick last yr..I was 2months in bed...couldnt function at all...I figure its the diahrrea and not having enough of the right chemicals from it in my body..and then I did take xanax from the dr...and got a xanax thing going and got off that only to be put on clonazepam to get off the xanax..wow..what a mess...I would like to eventually get off the paxil ...and just be on my seizure drug ...I dont like taking the acid reducers...esp the nightime one..I asked if i could switch then and was told no....the h2 at night and the proton pump inhibitor by day...oh well..life isnt easy...im 60 going on 61 yrs old...got any suggestions..
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Old 04-23-2012, 06:34 PM   #2
Join Date: Dec 2011
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Re: Who takes Paxil at night? How do I switch?

about the paxil...like I said Im 5 days into the switching from night to morning...before I switched from morning to night becuase i didnt want to sleep all day..couldnt tell what was doing what...that is why I will give the paxil a little time in the morning..even though I hate waking up twice to take meds..I did take it with my keppra and why I might be feeling so weird..off balance etc...I wasnt before when taking it at night and it was easy because taking it at different times then other meds is easier at night...your awake for it..I have a tightness in my rib cage...or surounding my entire trunk back to front...there is some pressure in my mid chest...I checked my blood pressure and its not bad considering all I do is sit...also messsed up my knee..knelt down to pray...and my left knee did something and it must have hurt and I finished my prayers on my right side and then tried to get up and noticed my left knee swollen..fluid all over the place inside and couldnt bend the knee..had to wait 3months to see orthopedic dr...already had MRI done andmy fly dr saw what was wrong...day I went into the orthoped dr their system was down and he couldnt see my MRI...so he put a brace on my knee..soft one and the prescribed physical therapy not looking at my MRI...so I canceled the physical therapy until he looks at my MRI...dont want anymore damage....so its been from 2nd wk of january to now april....my knee is getting better on its own but still not perfect yet...physical things arent as bad as this paxil thing..or taking medicines that have side affects...feeling shaky...inside...cant see it on the outside...but it makes me feel off balance...called my shrink and was told he would call bk or someone would....no one has yet...also I had an MRI on my brain 2yrs ago..neurologist saw enlarged pituitary leaning on my thalmus gland and did nothing about it...when I got sick later I began to wonder and asked her to look at it again ..she wouldnt then I asked her to take another one to compare...a nurse called and said to call bk mid april...did and they never set it up...people here just do absolutely nothing. called several times about getting a referral to do it and no one called bk....
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Old 04-24-2012, 12:46 AM   #3
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Location: Chicago, Il.
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Re: Welcome gratefulmouse

Hi and welcome.

I see you tapered off of klonopin in 5 weeks. That is what I think is causing your symptoms, By what you typed you took 1/2 of a .50 pill morning and then afternoon and one whole .50 klonpoin at night? So that is a total of 1mg a day.

You could be still withdrawing from the klonopin. Perhaps you can wait and see if thigns settle before you move on to reduce your paxil.

I take Klonopin .50 once a day and am not going to attempt to taper it till I am finished with tapering my antidepressant Lexapro.

Is your doctor advising you on the tapering of Klonopin or Paxil?

Hopefully a someone with benzo experience can chime in. Usually from what I have read benzo like klonopin is very strong compared to valium and it is harder to taper.

Did your doctor taper you off in 5 weeks? Around here it is common for people to wean very slow off of medications,. Usually 10 percent every 3 - 4 weeks.

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